e-Learning Samples

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Penelope Penguin's Bad Bosses Story

The inspiration for this module came from children's picture books that convey powerful themes and valuable lessons. The story aims to demonstrate the profound impact that leaders' relationships and words can have on their employees' lives. To make the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable, I created an interactive and fun narrative. The characters, including Penelope, Brian, Harry, and Caddy, were brought to life using custom-designed graphics. Penelope and her colleagues are excited to continue crafting stories that help improve workplace relationships and communication for both bosses and staff.
Tools Used:  Articulate Storyline | Canva | Play.ht 

How to Teach a Studio Class 

This course aims to equip employees with the skills to successfully run studio classes, driving more foot traffic and ultimately boosting revenue for our stores. With the rise of online shopping, we've seen a decline in revenue from impulse buys and browsing purchases. To address this challenge, our business has launched a new program that requires nationwide training of our staff, with a focus on speed and efficiency.

As for the wreath featured in our course materials, I personally took the photos while creating it. This stunning piece serves as a prime example of the kind of products and experiences our customers can expect from our studio classes.

Tools Used:  Articulate Storyline | Canva | WellSaid Labs

New Hire Server Training

The goal with this course is to create a more unified and effective approach to new hire training across our senior living company and its various communities. Due to high turnover rates, especially among student servers upon graduation, we've observed learning gaps that can hinder staff performance and ultimately impact our residents' experiences.

By providing comprehensive training through this course, we aim to address these challenges and equip our employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. One highlight of the course is the bussing table game, which is also available under my microlearning section. I'm particularly proud of this interactive tool, which can help reinforce key concepts and make the learning experience more engaging for our staff.

Tools Used:  Articulate Rise 360 | Storyline 360 | Canva | WellSaid Labs

Interactive Quiz

This quiz was created for young adults learning how to work in a restaurant.  The gamification is to help engage our younger learners with little to no work experience prior to their position in this restaurant.  The hands on training is not always perfect due to teenage peers training peers.  This game was pulled from a course that was created to avoid any learning gaps.

Tools Used:  Articulate Storyline | Canva